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Pro-Action Shock Valve Body


Pro-Action Shock Valve Body


Pro-Action has always been the pioneer of multi-stage valving. When the world had single-stage, we had two-stage. When the world went to two-stage, Pro-Action went to three-stage. After years of research and development with three-stage valving, we evolved it into our exclusive incremental system. The Pro-Action three-stage, incrementally pressure-sensitive, self-adjusting valving system not only has a mid-range circuit that does not exist in any stock shock, but also has increments of valving within each stage. The result is a valve or combined group of valves that compensate for any pressure that can be exerted by the speed of the shaft due to the striking of a bump without a trace of valve collision or mid-stroke harshness. Link this compression circuitry with our exclusive catch valve rebound damping and you have truly entered into the third dimension of shock absorber technology.

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