Suspension Service

Below is pricing for the most common services.  If you are looking for next level Factory Suspension Services please click the page in the navigation bar.


Fork Services

Fluid Change                                                                       $60
Fork Seal Service                                                                $130 Standard OEM Fork Seal (Seals Included)
                                                                                            $155 SKF Heavy Duty Fork Seal (48mm Only)
                                                                                             (Seals Included)
Fork Re-Spring                                                                     $165 Includes Springs & Installation (Forks Only) 
Fork Re-Valve                                                                       $225 Pro Action Valve Body w / Valving to Suit
                                                                                             $125 - $225 Race Tech Gold Valve Installation                                                                                                                                        $179 - $499 Race Tech Gold Valve Kit                                                                                                                                                     (Cost varies depending on model, email / call for pricing for your bike)

Add as Needed                                                                   $40 Standard OEM SKF Fork Seal (48mm Only) (2 Seals)
                                                                                             $65 SKF Oil / Dust Seal Kit (48mm Only) (2 Kits)
                                                                                             $36 Complete Bushing Kit (4 total)
                                                                                             $105 Springs for your Weight

Shock Services

Fluid Change                                                                        $70
Shock Seal Service                                                              $135 Includes Standard Seal Head
                                                                                             $155 Includes SKF Seal Head
Shock Re-Spring                                                                  $105 Includes Installation (Shock Only)
Shock Re-Valve                                                                    $225 Valving to Suit Riding Style
                                                                                             $325 Race Tech Valve Body w/ Valving to suit

Add as Needed                                                                    $105 Spring for your weight

The Works Package                                                                         

                                                                                               $520 Standard Re-Valve - Includes Fork and Shock / SKF Fork Seals /                                                                                                                                            SKF Shock Seal Head                                                                                                                                  $700 Race Tech Re-Valve - Includes Fork and Shock / SKF Fork Seals                                                                                                                                            / SKF Shock Seal Head                                                                                                                                                  (Race Tech Package does not include Xplor Fork)

                                                                                              $189 Fork / Shock Spring - Price Valid only when doing The Works                                                                                                                                                   Package

Lowering Service
                                                                                              $150 Fork Lower (Up to 2”)
                                                                                              $150 Shock Lower (up to 2”) 

Add as Needed                                                                    $105 Fork Springs for your Weight
                                                                                              $105 Shock Spring for your Weight
                                                                                              $40 Kickstand Modification
                                                                                              $20 Standard Fork Seal
                                                                                              $65 SKF Heavy Duty Forks Seal (48mm Only) 

R & R Suspension
                                                                                              $30 Forks
                                                                                              $30 Shock (Linkage)
                                                                                              $10 PDS Shock


Please email me at with any questions.


Fork Seal Service

Disassemble / Clean & Inspect
Fluid Change
Replace Fork Seals
Fluid Included

Fluid Change

Fluid Included
This service is just a fluid change, the cartridge is pumped and all the fluid that is possible is removed.  With this service we do not inspect bushings or components.  If you stay on top of fluid changes this is a good option.  There is no up-charge for inner twin chamber fluid changes.

Fork Re-Valve

Above fork service plus a re-valve using Pro-Action Suspension’s precision machined piston and internal 3-Stage valving to suit your riding style, weight and ability level.
Springs not Included
Fluid Included

Shock Seal Service

Disassemble / Clean & Inspect
Fluid Change
Replace Shock Seal.
Fluid / Nitrogen Included

Fluid / Nitrogen Change

Disassemble / Clean & Inspect
Fluid Change
Fluid / Nitrogen Included

Shock Re-Valve

Above shock service plus a re-valve to suit your riding style, weight and ability level. 
Spring not Included

Suspension Lowering

Is your bike too tall?  Let Full Factory Offroad lower it 2" the correct way.  We use spacers / bushings to internally lower your PDS / Linkage and Open Cartridge forks.  If your springs are correct we can alter your fork springs and use your current rear spring.  This is the most economical and the least expensive.  If you need correct springs for your weight this is additional money.  The highest cost would be a complete re-valve with lowering and the correct springs installed for your weight.  Your kickstand will need to be altered as well to accommodate the lower height which is included in the pricing.

Pricing is based on what is wanted when we lower it.  Are springs needed, are we doing a re-valve with the lower, are we altering the kickstand?  We can discuss to get the best option available for you and your budget.

DIY Valving:

If you're handy and have the know how, you can install the valve bodies yourself. Just install and your set!

Pro-Action Suspension's Precision Machined Piston & 3 Stage Valving.
Front - $159.99 / Pair
Rear -  $80.00 Valve Stack Only / $169.99 Machined Piston w/ Valve Stack

Free Pick-Up and Delivery available in the Denver Metro area depending on schedule. 
We'll work with you to get your bike picked up and dialed in.