KTM Factory Suspension Service


WP 4CS Closed Cartridge Fork

2014 KTM XC / Six Days

2015 – 2016 KTM XC / SX / Six Days

2014 – 2016 Husqvarna TE / FE / TX / FX

race tech 4cs system

Race Tech 4CS System

The Race Tech 4CS system will change the way the fork works.  It moves the rebound adjustment to the top of each fork and with the adjustable base valves creates compression adjustment on the bottom.  This system will turn your closed cartridge fork into an open cartridge as well.

dal soggio ray kit

Dal Soggio Ray Kit

RAY KIT PISTONS WP 4CS is the new kit, studied and created by Dal Soggio Race to enhance the performances of WP 4CS, efficaciously revolutionizing the whole front fork. In fact, once have installed the modification kit, both the legs of front fork return to work in the same way and remains the pressurization of the original system. Excellent for enduro is also fit for motocross and the other various off-road disciplines.

The RAY kit pistons for WP 4CS is utilized by professional riders, which are looking for ever more high performances, but it’s also perfect for riders or passionate, that simply want obtain the maximum feeling with them WP 4CS front fork. With only a few arrangements, however the result is really very amazing and it will ensure that front fork works naturally, creating less friction on it and giving you certainly greater comfort and safety when you riding your motorcycle.

How does RAY kit pistons work?

The RAY kit completely modifies the way to work utilized by WP 4CS system, bringing to a compression in the lower part and rebound on the upper part of both legs, doubling the oil flow on shims.

What does RAY include?

The RAY kit includes:

– 2 assembled compression units

– 2 pins with rebound calibration

– 2 compression registers to apply on the upper caps

– 2 thicknesses in order to increase the springs’ preload

WP AER / Xact 48

2017+ KTM / Husqvarna / GasGas – SX / XC / FC / TC / FX / TX / MC / EX

race tech mid revalve

Race Tech Revalve

Replaces the Mid-Valve and Compression valve with Gold Valves.  Tuned for your weight and riding style.  Better hold up with less deflection and harshness in the mid stroke.  Price includes labor, fluid and parts, does not include new seals.

K-Tech Suspension ORVS Fork Piston Kit

K-Tech ORVS re-valve system is a direct replacement for the WP AER48 systems standard valving. The ORVS kit includes complete compression and rebound assemblies with new pistons & finer adjustment needle along with K-Tech’s unique billet fork cap for improved range of adjustment,  giving better options for all terrains including sand, hard pack and rocks, increasing grip, cornering & maximizing overall ride quality and stability for a safer and more positive control of the motorcycle.
Tighter tolerance for improved performance over original equipment parts
Improved adjustment range
Increase comfort and confidence

K-Tech Suspension Off Road Spring System Cartridges

The highly-anticipated and revised ORSS2! Features external pre-load adjustment and now includes a hydraulic anti- bottom device permitting the use of lighter spring rates. K-Tech’s  Air2Spring system has been designed to replace the original air system fitted in the latest WP AER48 fitted KTM and Husqvarna Off Road models.  
This simple design allows you to remove the original air spring system and replace it with a more conventional spring system.  This direct replacement spring system requires no machining to install and features external spring preload adjustment. The updated system now comes with a hydraulic bottoming device which protects the rider on hard landings.
Direct replacement (No machining required).
Hydraulic bottoming device.
External spring preload adjustment.
Wide range of spring rates

WP Closed Cartridge Fork

2007 – 2014 KTM SX 

2008 – 2013 KTM XC

2014 Husqvarna TC / TX

race tech gold valve compression

Race Tech Gold Valve Compression Only

Type 3 Gold Valves are the latest version of our bolt-on fork valving system for cartridge forks. Gold Valves significantly improve the flow over stock pistons, putting valving control on the shim stack instead of the piston. This results in outstanding tuneability, improved control, traction, plushness and bottoming resistance.

Race Tech Gold Valve Compression / Rebound

Combo Kits include both Compression as well as Rebound/Mid-Valve Kits with a significant cost savings over purchasing these kits separately. In the “good ‘ole days” we got away with just Compression Valving improvements. However, Rebound/Mid-Valves are critical for any modern hi-performance valving setup.

Type 3 Gold Valves are the latest version of our bolt-on fork valving system for cartridge forks. Gold Valves significantly improve the flow over stock pistons, putting valving control on the shim stack instead of the piston. This results in outstanding tuneability, improved control, traction, plushness and bottoming resistance.

If Needed:

WP Xplor

2017 – 2021 KTM / Husqvarna / Gas Gas – XC-W / EXC-F / FE / TE / Freeride / EC

standard revalve

Standard Revalve

The standard revalve for this fork will add the Lainer Suspension mid-valve to the compression leg.  This will help allow the fork to ride higher in the stroke and eliminate the how it blows through the travel on faster paced trails. Price includes labor, fluid and parts, it does not include any wear items, springs or sales tax.

dal soggio xp one revalve

Dal Soggio XP-One Revalve

This option will add the mid-valve to the compression leg as well as replace both base valves.This takes the standard revalve to the next level.  The compression and rebound adjusters will remain in the stock configuration on the top of the fork. 

K-Tech Suspension ORVS Fork Piston Kit

K-Tech Off Road Valve System is a direct replacement for the WP XPLOR cartridge systems. Specially designed for Enduro riding, the ORVS includes complete compression and rebound assemblies with new pistons, finer adjustment needles, a new hydraulic bottoming cup which seals the cartridge tube to improve damping response time / bottoming control and new top cap adjusters with updated cap labels.
Tighter tolerance for improved performance over original equipment parts
Improved adjustment range
Increase comfort and confidence

race tech xplor revalve

Race Tech Xplor Revalve

The Race Tech option will add the mid-valve and replace all the stock valves with their Gold Valve.  This will add lower compression adjusters as well as make the top adjusters rebound only like the older traditional style forks. 

Ohlins TTX Cartridge Kit

Available for the WP AER / XACT / XPLOR


If you want to keep your front fork legs but still upgrade to Öhlins TTX, just pull out the standard inserts and pop in this powerful TTX22 cartridge kit from Öhlins R&D. The same kit that is fitted in the Öhlins Front Fork is based on the Öhlins TTX-technology is also available as a stand-alone cartridge kit for all major models. The TTX technology brings a positive pressure balance in the system, thanks to the twin tube technology. The gas pressurized dividing piston inside pushes the hydraulic fluid back into the low pressure side and the end result is better improved performance and no more cavitation. The kit is lighter thanks to an 8 mm steel hollow shaft and the main piston diameter is 22 mm. All other details are made in aluminum. Settings are constantly improved and a new one-way rebound valve was recently introduced which improves the performance and gives better front wheel control. Available for most major models on the market.  Note! This kit requires springs and oil which are sold separately. 


  • Cartridge kit with patented TTX design
  • Gas pressurized damping system for immediate damping response
  • Easy installation in OE front forks
  • External compression adjuster
  • External rebound adjuster
  • Improved hydraulic stops to improve bottoming resistance
  • Springs, oil and installation tools sold separately.
  • New top out rubber for smoother top out feeling
  • Available for all major MX and Enduro models
Dal Soggio Sphere Cartridge System

Dal Soggio Sphere Cartridge System

Available for the WP XPLOR / AER / XACT / 4CS

SPHERE HYDRAULIC CARTRIDGE is an innovative hydraulic cartridge for Race performances by Dal Soggio, excellent for off-road discipline, especially for enduro but also well adaptable and high performing for motocross too. Look Sphere Gallery

Why choose SPHERE?

The answer is very simple. This particular sealed and pressurized cartridge considerably increases precision and sensibility of the forecarriage, giving better feeling on driving. As consequence this will entail beyond safety, also a big pleasure and fun when you’ll ride your motorbike, both you are doing an important race both you are enjoy yourself with friends.

How is composed SPHERE?


Thanks’ to 38 clicks available, it provides a wider and more precise regulation of compression.


The automatic bleed valves are calibrated one by one in our laboratory, to ensure the correct internal pressure.


The pressurized bladder system guarantees a greater sensitivity to the fork.


The compression piston is made in ERGAL 7075 with an hard oxidation treatment. The oil’s crossings are 4 and no more 3 to ensure a greater and more precise oil flow.


The compression piston is made in ERGAL 7075 with an hard oxidation treatment.

The 4 oil’s crossings decrease the wear of oil and shims. The slide camp (made with teflon treatment) serves to give a greater sensitivity to the hydraulic cartridge.


Thanks’ to 38 clicks available, it provides a wider and more precise regulation of rebound.


It gives the possibility to preload in a simple and fast the fork, without having to remove the hydraulic cartridge from the fork.


The particular profile of the lip seal is adapted to avoid the slip-stick effect on the small movements of the shock.

Labor, fluid and seal kit is included, springs if needed and sales tax are not.

Ohlins RXF 48 Complete Fork


The front fork is updated on many areas, such as new outertube as well as a new steel tube with a new coating to give less friction. The 22mm cartridge pressurized cartridge kit inside has a new piston holder, that also helps out when doing maintenance of the fork. The check valve is also improved with the service capability in mind. The fork bottoms now comes in a different aluminium alloy that is stronger towards hitting stones and at the same time incorporates the strength necessary to have when landing hard after long jumps. Less friction in combination with small improvements in many areas, still with all of the last years news inside, we give you improvements that brings your bike to top level racing.


  • Unique and further improved cartridge kit with Öhlins TTX22 design
  • New innertube surface treatment, gives less friction
  • New stronger fork bottom material, more resistant to hitting stones
  • Maintenance is done easier thanks to new piston holder
  • New outer tube stickers to protect the outer tube better
  • Designed to be used with Öhlins fluids and spare parts
  • Available for most major MX and Enduro models
  • New protective stickers


Shock Revalve Options

race tech all gold valve all models

Race Tech Gold Valve

All Models

G3-LD Gold Valves provide better control for any rider by creating more shim leverage and decreasing the angular shim deflection.

Top suspension performance requires firm bottoming resistance with plushness at the same time. Even the best suspension tuners can only make the stock valving design work so well. The Gold Valve Shock Suspension System is a proven bolt-on shock valving system that improves control, traction, performance and bottoming resistance.

Lainer WP Xplor Full Upgrade

Kit created by Lainer Suspension for WP XPLOR shock absorbers. It includes the shims stack (compression, rebound, high speed) ready to assembly and the aluminum piston H18 mm with low friction piston band.



  • KTM EXC  2017-2021
  • KTM EXC-F  2017-2021
  • KTM EXC TPI Six Days  2017-2021
  • KTM XC-W TPI  2017-2021

The defect of the stock shock is the check valve installed to separate the compression and the rebound functions so in order to increase the comfort, there’s a hole in the stock piston. This solution is not optimal because it makes the shock absorber more harsh and reactive.

To solve this defect we’ve developed this kit that significantly improves the performance of the shock:

  • Aluminum piston as the shock body so in the temperatures change fase it adapts to the tube avoiding the function variations during the use.
  • Increase of the oil flow through the piston to keep lower temperatures.
  • Low friction piston band with a special design to adapt to the various expansions of the body.
  • Compared to the stock piston, we use rebound shims with bigger diameter for a softer reaction in the roughness.
  • Installing our aluminum piston it’s eliminated the uncontrolled oil free flow hole of the stock piston, then you make the modify of the intermediate flow in the rod to have a soft reaction and at the same time a better hydraulic control in the rocks and in the holes. This allows the lower rebound adjustment to also affect compression, allowing a greater adjustment over the entire shock travel.
  • The modify of the intermediate flow keeps the second piston active for a bottom out function.
  • The piston is much lighter as it’s an element part of a system that works in reciprocating motion.

Dal Soggio RS Kit D46/50

The RS Kit is a kit researched by Dal Soggio Race, to upgrade the rear shock of KTM / Husqvarna / GAS GAS

Ohlins TTX Flow DV Shock


The TTX Flow DV for 2021-2022 has gone through a lot of changes to come up with the perfect formula to improve your riding experience. With our upgraded version, you can say goodbye to the days of having to choose bottoming resistance and chassis stability over traction and comfort. With Öhlins TTX Flow DV for 2021 & 2022, you’ll get the best of both worlds. The shock now includes a highly efficient High speed compression adjuster that allows you to adapt your setup to any track condition that comes your way.


  • TTX-technology
  • New efficient high speed compression adjuster
  • New compression valve interface for optional pressure control
  • New rebound needle and shaft jet design
  • Stronger 16 mm shaft
  • Patent pending FLOW valve dynamic control
  • Great bottoming resistance
  • Easy spring change due to unique spring clip design
  • Wide range of optional springs