Jary Penney

Jary Penney

jary penney

This page was created in honor of my Dad, Jary Penney.  August 1, 2009 he was doing what he loved and riding his dirt bike.  I was at work and got the worst message that you could possibly get, I’ll never forget that moment in my life.  I’ll never know exactly what happened or the circumstances behind it, but none the less his life ended early and mine was changed forever.  It was no ones fault and he passed away doing what he loved and really the only way he would have wanted to go.

Motorcycles were the best thing my parents ever did for me, it taught me so much in life, kept me out of trouble and kept me focused on something that I could be good at.  When my schoolmates were out doing whatever it was they were doing, I was with my father, family and friends doing something that I loved.  I had so many good times with my Dad and so many memories.  In the 32 years I was able to spend with him I have more memories with him than most kids do with their Dad in 60 or more.

I know you’re keeping an eye on Mom, Kendra and I, but I’m sure you’re riding as much as possible wherever you can!

Love you Dad, I miss you and think about you every day!