Vintage Projects

Vintage Projects

1982 KTM 250MC

This was purchased as a partial basket case from Aaron Hochnadel. I tore it down and it sat for about a year. Aaron passed and I knew I had to get the bike done in his honor. I worked on it for almost a year, powerdercoat, new parts, cleaning, sandblasting until it was finished. It came out better then I could have expected.

1986 Kawasaki KX500

This was purchased with the sole purpose of racing vintage motocross. I found it in Northern Colorado, I sprung it for my weight along with Race Tech Emulators. It turned out great and if the deal arose on my 1998 model wouldn’t have happened I would have raced this one!

1998 Kawasaki KX500

This one was purchased as a bone stock bike. I went through it and did just about everything you can do to one. KX450 Forks, Dyno Port Pipe, Aluminum Tank, Powder Coat, the list goes on and on.